When is the NFL going to do the right thing?

In a world full of more and more "What the bleep"" incidents involving people in power who should know better, the National Football League has remained the gold standard in one key area--making money.

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But in terms of governing and setting a standard, the NFL looks as clueless as some of the decisions and announcements coming from the corridors of power in this country.

The latest example?

The suspension of Tampa Bay quarterback Jameis Winston for 3 games for sexual misconduct involving a female Uber driver.

Let's start with some history such as the punishment handed out by the NFL, which sat down Patriot QB Tom Brady for FOUR games involving a football that may or may not have been deflated.

The argument was that the "integrity'' of the game was involved, although there is no tangible evidence that Brady did anything other than throw the footballs he was given to use in a game.

The NFL did suspend Dallas running back Ezekial Elliott for a domestic violence issue which was also murky--the NFL investigator said Elliott's accuser was not credible-- and set up strict guidelines of punishment in that area.

Which brings us to Winston, who has a history at FSU that is hardly pristine--two sexual assault allegations and a cash settlement with one of his accusers.[membership level="0"] The rest of this article is available to subscribers only - to become a subscriber click here.[/membership] [membership]

Another charge, more excuses, and a penalty that is doesn't come close to matching the crime, especially considering Winston's background.

Again. Let's get this straight. Play with a football you know might be deflated: four games.

Be accused of something in which the INVESTIGATORS don't think the accuser is credible: six games.

Here's the difference. Brady and Elliott fought the NFL. It didn't matter if they were guilty. The NFL punished them for disputing the charges.

Winston admitted he did something wrong and he was rewarded. It didn't matter that the NFL rules policy says that a six game suspension is AUTOMATIC.

Six games SHOULD be the MINIMUM penalty for Winston.

After that, let the NFL review the case to see if Winston truly has changed. There needs to be consequences for previous actions.

Winston's punishment after he acknowledged that he did grope the Uber driver (after originally denying it): THREE games

Are you kidding me? Let's see. You get accused of robbing a bank, but there is little evidence and you fight the charges. You are sentenced to ten years. You get accused of robbing a bank, admit you did it. You get FIVE years?

But this is the NFL, which makes and breaks its own rules and guidelines and does what it wants. Nice example for the next generation of Americans who are expected to uphold the standards of good behavior.[membership]