Why Isn't Nick Saban Getting More Love For the Job He Has Done THIS Season

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Nobody asked me but....

How come Alabama coach Nick Saban doesn't get more support for Coach of the Year?

The trouble with being a pre-season No. 1 is that when people stitch that tag in your uniform, they expect you to be there at the end of the season as well.

Alabama insiders marvel at the way the Tide loses players to the National Football League draft, coordinators to head coaching college jobs or in the NFL and some major injuries and it never misses beat.

There has been one constant through the Tide's latest storm surge and that is Saban, who arguably has done as good a job coaching this season as he has ever done which means a 15-0 and No. 1 ranking going into Monday night's CFB playoff national championship game against Clemson.

Here's a quick observation. Sometimes it is just as tough to win with talent as it is to win without it.

And shed no tears for Saban who will make close to $11 million dollars this season coaching the Tide.


If you are tired of Alabama vs. Clemson Part 3, get read for Chapter 4 next season in New Orleans. Both teams are heavily loaded with young talent, starting at QB. And good luck finding a team that can challenge them. Texas? Maybe. Florida or Texas A&M? I will have to see it to believe it.


If you want a clue as to where the CFB playoff system will head, look for the lead to come from the Big 10, with the possibility of the conference going to 1-division, which means that it woud send the No. 1 and no.2 teams meeting in the championship game, much the same way the Big 12 has done it the past few years.


Northern California is a nice place to visit for many reasons, but hosting a natonal college championship football game is not one of them. There is no buzz to Monday night's game outside of the inner circle that covers the game each season and travels from site to site.

Next year in New Orleans will be fine for a title game and Miami in two years will work, but 2021 in Indianapolis? It's a good city, and it hosts the Big Ten title game, but for the national championship game? Sorry not quite buying it.


With Manny Diaz doing a reverse from Temple and coming back to Miami, the least the NCAA can do for Temple recruits who committed to Temple because of Diaz being hired, should be free to go wherever they want, without penalty. That is one of the drawbacks of the early signing period in December when many coaches make career moves.

Temple has had its problem keeping coaches for the long term. Boston College coach Steve Addazio came to The Heights from Temple but shortly after Addazio was hired by Temple from the staff at Florida, UConn opened when Randy Edsall went from the Fiesta Bowl to take a job as the coach at the University of Maryland.

Addazio, who grew up in Connecticut and had been at Temple for slightly less than a month tried to get out of his contract with Temple, but the Owls held firm and UConn wouldn't help with the buyout, so Addazio stayed at Temple--for two years.


Now that the hoopla has quieted following Urban Meyer's last game at Ohio State, the next proposition bet that the boys from Las Vegas should consider is when/if/where Meyer will return as a head coach. For now, you have to give him the benefit of the doubt that he is finished coaching, but he is also extremely competitive and retirement at 54 still seems way to young to retire.


Here's my question about college football ""fans''who say they have little interest in Clemson vs. Alabama 3. What match up would you rather have? Alabama vs. Oklahoma was a semifinal. Alabama vs. Ohio State? Clemson vs. Oklahoma? The two best teams are playing against each other and when you cut through all the rhetoric of the past 20 years of BCS-CFB chatter, wasn't that the original goal?