Three quick thoughts about the new CFP rankings

Three quick thoughts about the new CFP Rankings:

1--The three SEC teams in the top seven--No. 1 Alabama, No. 6 Auburn, and No. 7 Georgia--all control their final destinations. Alabama and Auburn--who have cupcake non-conference games this Saturday--meet in the Iron Bowl on Nov. 25. The winner of that game advances to the SEC Championship game against Georgia on Dec. 2.

If Georgia takes care of Kentucky this week and Georgia Tech next week, the winner of the SEC Championship game advances to the playoffs. Auburn (8-2) jumped from No. 10 to No. 6 after beating Georgia and would become the first team with two losses to get into the playoffs.

2--No. 5 Wisconsin will get in at 13-0 but probably won't get in at 12-1. The Badgers (10-0) host No. 24 Michigan this week and close out the regular season at Minnesota next week. They will likely face No. 9 Ohio State in the Big Ten championship game. Despite a weak schedule to date, if the Badgers run the table and get to 13-0 they will be in. If Wisconsin loses to Michigan and wins the Big Ten to finish 12-1, I don't think they get in. Simply put: If you're an SEC or ACC fan, you should be pulling for Michigan to beat Wisconsin. That opens the door ever so slightly to the possibility of your conference getting two teams in.

3--It is possible--but not at all probable--that the final four would include two SEC and two ACC teams. It ain't gonna happen but just hang with me. Here is how it could:

**--No. 1 Alabama (10-0) advances to the SEC championship and loses a very close game to Georgia. Georgia, the SEC champion, gets in at 12-1.

**--Clemson beats Miami in a close game for the ACC championship to finish 12-1. Clemson gets in.

**--Wisconsin loses to Michigan this Saturday and then beats Ohio State for the Big Ten championship to finish 12-1.

**--No. 4 Oklahoma loses to TCU in the Big 12 championship and finishes 11-2.

**--No. 11 USC (9-2) loses to Washington or Washington State for the Pac-12 championship and finishes 10-3.

After putting Georgia and Clemson in the playoffs, the committee has to choose among Alabama (12-1), Miami (12-1), Wisconsin (12-1), and two-loss champions from the Big 12 and the Pac-12 to fill the final two spots.

Alabama and Miami could get in over Wisconsin. The committee could also choose a two-loss conference champ over a non-conference champ. But if the entertainment value of four Southern teams getting in would be something to behold.