Why Miami's move to No. 2 is big

With 15 of the top 16 teams winning last Saturday, there was little change in the newest CFP rankings that were released Tuesday night. But consider these nuggets:

**--The committee's decision to flip-flop Clemson (10-1) and Miami (10-0) to put the Hurricanes at No. 2 is significant. Because at No. 2 Miami, if it beats Pittsburgh on the road this Saturday, has a chance to stay in the top four if it loses a close game to Clemson in the ACC championship game on Dec. 2.

**--Wisconsin remained at No. 5 and still controls its destiny. The Badgers (11-0), who beat Michigan last Saturday, go to Minnesota (5-6) this Saturday and face No. Ohio State (9-2) in the Big Ten championship game. If Wisconsin finishes 13-0 the Badgers are in. If Ohio State beats Michigan on Saturday and wins the Big Ten championship then the Buckeyes will be thrown into the mix for the No. 4 spot in the playoffs.

In short, with two Saturdays remaining, I think the playoffs will go down like this:

The SEC champion--Alabama, Auburn, or Georgia--will be in. Alabama at 13-0 or Georgia at 12-1 would probably be the No. 1 seed. An 11-2 Auburn might be seeded lower.

The ACC champion--Clemson or Miami--will be in.

Oklahoma (10-1) is going to beat West Virginia on Saturday and then win a rematch with TCU for the Big 12 championship. The Sooners will be in.

The No. 4 spot in the playoffs will be a food fight for the committee which may have to chose among:

**--A 12-1 Alabama

**--A 12-1 Georgia.

**--A 12-1 Miami.

**--A 12-1 Wisconsin.

**--An 11-2 Ohio State.

Buckle up boys and girls. This just might be a bumpy ride.