Why TMG College Sports (and other websites) have a pay wall

I don't have tell you that the world of the written word, especially in sports, has changed dramatically. The amount of available content about college football, for example, just boggles the mind. And a lot of it is free. The demand for college football content, in my opinion, is greater than ever.

So why, people have asked me, do websites like TMGcollegesports.com put most of their content behind a paywall?

It's simple, really. When you start one of these websites, and you're not one of the big boys like ESPN.com or CBSSports.com, you really have two options to cover your costs:

1--Sell advertising.

2--Charge a subscription fee.

If you sell advertising then the advertiser, rightfully so, wants proof that enough eyeballs have seen his ads to justify the expenditure. Sometimes that puts the provider into a situation where it's not about the quality of the content but the number of clicks it can generate.

When you charge a subscription fee, you're telling the reader that the content can stand on its own without the pop-up ads and other things that really annoy you.

With the various college football media days cranking up next week, my three writing partners--Chris Dufresne in Los Angeles, Herb Gould in Chicago, Mark Blaudschun in Boston--and myself in Atlanta, will have the whole country covered. Collectively, we have over 150 years of experience covering college football and basketball. And we love what we do. We still think there is a market for good writing and analysis.

So again this season we will be charging a modest subscription fee ($1.99 a month) to cover our costs. If you want to save a few bucks you can subscribe for an entire year for $19.99.

We will again have a weekly podcast on college football where we have WAY too much fun.

FYI: I'll start looking ahead to next week's SEC Media Days later today (Tuesday) with Seven Burning Questions about the SEC East. I'll come back on Friday with Seven Questions about the SEC West. Then Monday the meetings begin and I'll be bringing you daily coverage.

And yes, all of those articles will be behind the paywall.

Thanks for reading this. All of us at TMGcollegesports.com are excited that another college football season is on its way. Have fun.