Guess who's No. 1 in Pac-12 football attendance?

Jennifer Buchanan photo

Here's a clue: You can see the lake while you watch the snaps

Just saw this on Twitter, posted by WestCoastFB:

By a wide margin, Washington leads the Pac-12 Conference in home attendance.

Not surprising -- Husky Stadium, once it was remodeled, became the league's finest facility for comfort, sightlines and overall scenery.

Plus, having a championship-caliber football team doesn't hurt.

There were just a few pockets of open seats, even with the late starts on cold Northwest nights, over the past two weekends.

On Saturday, the Huskies go to the league's second-most populated Pac-12 stadium, which won't be all that impressive or intimidating. In fact, it will be sort of sad.

The Bruins are filling just a little more than half of the Rose Bowl.

Nothing says bad football like a half-empty football stadium.

Same goes for USC.

The Coliseum must seem downright cavernous now that there's nobody sitting in half of it.

Hey, if you want your pick of seats, head for Pullman.

2018 Average Home Attendance:

  1. Washington - 69,816

  2. UCLA - 57,492

  3. USC - 55,565

  4. ASU - 51,745

  5. Oregon - 51,456

  6. Utah - 46,716

  7. Arizona - 45,356

  8. Colorado - 44,587

  9. Cal - 40,907

  10. Stanford - 38,514

  11. OSU - 34,735

  12. WSU - 29,727