Haener relishes his college debut, stays ready if needed

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Washington's back-up QB says he's competitive, not worried about others

Fans got real excited when Washington redshirt freshman Jake Haener came off the bench Saturday against North Dakota, played with composure and made things happen.

While he looked real heady taking snaps and flinging passes, my take on Haener: It was just North Dakota. An FCS team is no real barometer. I want to see the kid hold up under pressure against a Stanford or USC before I get a feel for his true skill level. Emotion as much as athleticism denotes performance.

Having watched Jacob Eason play quarterback for Georgia two years ago, I also tend to think Haener will be hard-pressed to put him on the bench.

Haener spoke to the local media this week. Be forewarned, he's not a real quote machine, as are some quarterbacks. Here's what he had to say, as reported by the Seattle Times: