Video: If it's Wednesday, it must be McGary

Big Huskies guard prepares for "Monday Night Football" on Saturday night

At a time of buttoned-down interviews that take place at lightning speed at Washington, leaving little time for discourse or substance, Kaleb McGary, the senior member of the Huskies offensive line, is an all-conference performer.

He earned first-team All-Pac-12 honors last season for his playing ability and, if there was an all-interview team, he would be rewarded for speaking his mind in an entertaining fashion at all times.

For instance, mulling Saturday’s night’s late kickoff against Arizona State, McGary says, “It’s like Friday Night Lights. It's going to be a good time.” Kaleb would have made a great Riggins.

Regarding potentially inclement weather by kickoff, McGary said bring it on. He prefers it that way. Here’s why: “I’m a cool-weather guy. I sweat like a kitchen faucet. I like it cold.” He was dripping wet when he said that.

On the fact that Washington has lost 11 of its past 12 meetings with the Sun Devils, McGary shrugged and said he didn’t know that. Nor did he care. His response, “It’s a new year. This is this year. We’ve got to be able to play these guys and not go on a crazy losing streak. I’m not worried about it. That was then and this is now.” OK, so he's no history major.

Huskies beat writers will shed a tear when this quote machine graduates.