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Tracy with the late Kenny Sailors

Hi! Welcome to 7220...How's Your Oxygen?

Welcome to 7220 is dedicated to coverage of the University of Wyoming and all of its sports, as well as keeping an eye on the Mountain West Conference. It is a sister site to InsideTheSeams.com, which focuses on the Colorado Rockies with an eye on all things baseball.

Tracy Ringolsby oversees both websites.

Ringolsby celebrated his 50th anniversary of working in the media business on May 1, 2018. He began his career as the sports editor of the Wyoming State Tribune, at the time the afternoon paper in Cheyenne. A fifth-generation native of Southeast Wyoming, Ringolsby grew up watching the Cowboys of football coach Lloyd Eaton and basketball coach Bill Strannigan, and has followed Wyoming sports from afar when his work took him to Denver, Kansas City, Orange County, Calif., Seattle and Dallas before returning to the Rocky Mountain region in 1992 when he joined the Rocky Mountain News to cover the Colorado Rockies.​

His resume includes receiving an honorary doctorate from the University of Wyoming, and being honored by the Wyoming Sports Hall of Fame, Baseball Hall of Fame as the 2005 J.G. Taylor Spink Award winner; the Colorado Press Association as the 2000 recipient of the Shining Star Award...the only sports writer ever nominated, and serving as President of the Baseball Writers Association of America in 1986. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Cowboy Joe Club.

"I'm excited to become a part of the Maven Publishing Coalition. We plan on delivering first rate content to all followers of University of Wyoming Athletics"

Welcome to 7220 will be fully live with all of our archived material soon. Enjoy this sample size for now while we prepare for our move to Maven. Visit welcometo7220.com for full coverage.