Cowboy Quick Hits: Clock Ticked Too Quick For Cowboys in Honolulu

The Cowboys had a first-down at the Hawaii 15, but there was only one second on the clock...

The Cowboys had a first-down at the Hawaii 15, but there was only one second on the clock, and when Cowboys quarterback Tyler Vander Waal spiked the ball to stop the clock, it also stopped the game, the Cowboys losing 14-10 Saturday night.

It’s the rules. The Cowboys, however, felt there should have been two seconds on the clock, which would have allowed them to run one final play.

“We knew it was going to be tight,” said coach Craig Bohl. “Tyler had to scramble around a little bit (on the previous play) and that cost us a second or two. It was disappointing. We were kind of begging to try to see about getting two seconds on the clock. The official ruled what was on the clock was the time,and the was was done.”

COACH BOHL isn’t blaming the seven-hour travel time each way as a factor in the Cowboys coming up short at Hawaii. He, however, does feel it has an impact with the team the week after, in light of the fact the Cowboys, as an example, flew overnight from Honolulu to Laramie, landing shortly before 1 p.m., Sunday afternoon following the Saturday night game.

Bohl admitted during his media session on Monday he suggested that a team that travels to Hawaii should get the next week as an off-week or at least be scheduled to play at home, unlike the Cowboys, who fly on Friday to Fresno for Saturday night’s game against the Bulldogs.

“We appreciate the University of Hawaii being in our league and they bring a lot to the table,” said Bohl. “They have a really good football programs. The travel is a logistics challenge. I submitted a proposal (to the Mountain West) that you could have a bye week when you come back (from Hawaii). That didn’t get any traction.

“So, as coaches, you play what you are dealt.

The fortunate thing for Wyoming and the other teams in the Mountain West Mountain Division is with the rotator schedule with teams in the Mountain West West Division, they have to travel to Hawaii only once every four years.

ONE GOOD thing out of the Hawaii game was a minimum injuries, although Bohl is concerned about the status of senior offensive guard Kaden Jackson, who underwent an evaluation on Monday for a possible concussion. Jackson, however, was listed as the starting right guard on the depth chart released Monday.

Bohl did not sound hopeful that cornerback C.J. Coldon would be able to return to game action. Came out of the Oct. 28 game against Boise State with an arm injury.

“I would say, somewhere between hopefully and doubtful,” Bohl said of the possibility of Coldon being ready to play against Fresno State. “I had breakfast with him (Monday) and he feels he’s getting stronger, but’s one of those things that until the nerve generates and his strength level are up, they’re not going to clear him.”

For the second week in a row, Sidney Washington was listed on the depth chart as the backup to cornerback Sidney Washington at corner back, in place of Coldon.